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Remembering Elvis

On August 16,1977, Elvis Presley died at his Graceland mansion. His countless fans continue to keep his memory alive. He may be gone, but he isn’t forgotten.


Roses for Elvis.

Elvis in concert in 1977.

Elvis in the late 70’s.

Fans lined up outside Graceland.

Fans lined up outside Graceland after Elvis’ death.

Officer outside Graceland salutes as the hearse goes by.

Officer salutes Elvis as the hearse leaves Graceland.

Fans lined up along street as hearse goes by

Fans salute Elvis in 1977.

Elvis' funeral procession.

Elvis’ funeral procession.

Elvis' burial

Elvis’ burial.

Close up of Elvis' burial.

Up close view of Elvis’ burial.

Presley family gravemarker.

The Presley family grave marker.

Close Up of Elvis' Grave

Close up of Elvis’ grave.

Fans file by Elvis' grave at Graceland.

Fans visiting Elvis’ grave at Graceland.

Elvis fans participating in the Candlelight Vigil

Elvis fans taking part in the annual Candlelight Vigil.

HeartEven after all these years, we still miss you Elvis. You’re always in our hearts. Burning Candle

Elvis kneeling on stage

“Good-bye, Elvis. ”

  Single Long Stem Rose

                            A single rose for Elvis.                             

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Elvis and Charlie Hodge during Aloha show

Elvis and Charlie Hodge 

On March 3, 2006 Elvis’ good friend Charlie Hodge passed away at the age of 71.  Rest in peace, Charlie.  lighted candle

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